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With a wholesale account at The Teeth Whitening Company you can enjoy excellent savings, discounts and up to 100% mark-up potential for Salons, Dental and Beauty suppliers.

Regular offers and promotions ensure that you can offer our high-quality and proven industry products at the very best prices beating the competition and giving your clients the results they strive to achieve. Plus, we have a dedicated sales team on hand to help you make the most from our products and to support you.

 A range of our products for Wholesale Purchase. Offering Clinics and Salons excellent pricing and products that will generate fantastic profits and repeat custom.

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Open an account today on our website and call us on 07904 837 252 to apply for your wholesale prices.

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Enjoy some of these top quality products at the very best prices!

To view our quality range of wholesale products, just create an account and send us an email to [email protected] with your details on for us to approve your wholesale account. We'll be back in touch as soon as we can so you enjoy excellent mark-up potential.